What to say?

Waterborne and windblown trash is a problem

Texas has addressed roadside litter for decades. But litter should be considered in its totality.

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Illegally dumped scrap tires are a problem

Texas leads the nation in unauthorized scrap tire piles. Lawmakers should find a way to fix the problem.

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We should prioritize efficient and effective solutions

We love small government, but that doesn't mean we need to ignore problems.

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How does your involvement help?

Believe it or not, our state representatives listen to their constituents. This especially holds true in a conservative state where the people closest to the problem often can provide the best solutions. We encourage everyone to visit, call or email their representatives to give their first-hand account on ways to address litter and illegal dumping.
We encourage you to reach out to us too and share your accounts of the litter-related problems you've see in your area. You can reach us through our website's contact page or find us on Facebook by clicking the icon below.