Texas Heritage Protection

Promoting Good Stewardship of the Lonestar State

Our goal is simple, we want to ensure our beautiful state is the same Texas we hand to our children, grandchildren, and future generations of Texans.

That's why we collaborate with businessesconsumers, farmers, ranchers, landowners, conservationists, and our state's elected leaders to find realists, commonsense solutions that will help preserve and protect our state's abundant natural resources and beauty.

Help us contact officials and affect change

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We are an advocacy nonprofit group focused on building community awareness and supporting PRACTICAL solutions to Texas' environmental problems.


Passionately committed to protecting the future of Texas, for our generation and most importantly the generations to come


Jerry James has more than 35 years of experience overseeing a variety of public work divisions and projects throughout Texas.  In the past decade, he diligently managed the City of Victoria’s multi-million dollar environmental services department, providing direction for the municipality’s solid waste division, air quality division and water resource and regulatory management practices.  While working for the city, James was instrumental in converting the City’s groundwater system to a surface water management system, saving the city millions in future operating expenses and simultaneously obtaining additional water permitting rights during times of extreme drought. Mr. James has also acted as an advocate for regional water and private property issues.


Robert Brandes, PhD, is the principle owner of Robert J. Brandes Consulting, an engineering consulting firm in Austin, Texas.  No stranger to studies, committees and expert witness testimony, Brandes has been lending his know-how to environmental concerns since he finished his doctorate at the University of Texas at Austin in 1972.  During his extensive career, Brandes has provided consulting assistance on projects involving both surface and ground water hydrology and hydraulics, drainage, flooding, water rights, resource planning and development, water supply, water quality, nonpoint source pollution control, and varying aspects of waste management.


Jack Stowe is the director of NewGen Strategies & Solutions, a management and economic consulting firm specializing in providing professional services to public and private sector utilities. A definite detail man, since 1975, Stowe has helped assist public entities and private businesses achieve substantial cost savings by negotiating major services contracts.


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