Why Feral Hogs are a Problem

Texas is home to everything big and that includes the wild hog problem that is overtaking the entire state. People outside of Texas may believe that a litter of small boar piglets running around with their mother is an adorable sight to see, however the damage that those hogs can inflict on Texas agriculture is staggering. Feral hogs will feed on almost any crop they can find or come across. Wild hogs in Texas consume seeds, seedlings, mature crops, hay, turf and gardens. The rooting and trampling of wild hogs also destroys crops. While the loss of a few crops may seem harmless, these feral hogs are responsible for destroying entire farms and the financial loss to agricultural producers is extremely significant.

Not only do wild hogs in Texas destroy crops but they also have a significant negative impact on livestock. Feral hogs in Texas compete with livestock by rooting up and eating vegetation that is intended for livestock feed. Rooting by wild hogs in Texas also creates troughs or mounds that can potentially damage farm equipment and injure the livestock. When pastures in Texas are destroyed by feral hogs hogs, it takes a great deal of time and money to repair them and restore them back to proper working order. Wild hogs in Texas also consume supplemental food and damage feeders and food plots that are intended for Texas wildlife and livestock.

Wild hogs in Texas are responsible for a great deal of damage when it comes to Texas wildlife and livestock. Feral hogs will prey upon almost any animal including lambs, calves, deer, fawns, ground nesting birds and others. Wild hogs in Texas generally prey upon younger animals as they are a much easier target. Feral hog predation in Texas can sometimes be difficult to identify because wild hogs often eat the entire animal leaving little to no evidence at all.

The wild hogs in Texas are also a great health risk to Texas wildlife, livestock and humans. Feral hogs in Texas carry fleas, hog lice and ticks, which can easily be transferred to livestock and cause widespread disease. Wild hogs in Texas also carry parasites like round worms, stomach worms and whipworms. Texas wild hogs are also known to carry African swine fever, hog cholera and swine vesicular disease. Feral hogs in Texas present serious issues on all levels and must be dealt with to prevent further destruction. If you wish to help fight the wild hog plague that is occurring all over Texas, contact Texas Heritage Protection today.