Things to Recycle at Home

Recycling your used goods is a great way to help save the earth. The amount of garbage that goes into landfills every year just grows and grows. When you recycle you are taking items that you have used and you would buy again and sending it to a plant that will take the items and make them useful again. Recycling is just as easy as throwing out the trash and can be fun for kids to get involved. Kids like to sort and separate. If you have a few feet of space in your garage or yard you can set out a few extra bins to start recycling.

There are many items you can recycle and Texas Heritage Protection has a list of the most important.
Recycle Your Aluminum: One of the top things that you want to recycle is used aluminum. If you drink soda, energy drinks or juice that comes in an aluminum can you can send it to be recycled. The great part about it is that the entire can is recyclable. It also takes a lot less energy to recycle a can then it takes to make a brand new one.
Recycle Plastic Bottles: The convenience of grabbing a plastic bottle of water makes them a huge part of recycling. The amount of plastic bottles that are used and thrown out each year is enormous and they are mostly going to end up in a landfill. If you recycle the bottles they can be reused and save energy and the amount of plastic that is in the landfills.
Recycle Newspaper: People read the paper each day and it is one of the most recycled items but it doesn’t need to stop there. You can take all your scrap paper and any other paper products and recycle them. We all know that paper comes from trees and the more we recycle paper, the less amount of trees need to be cut down to start fresh.
Recycle Cardboard: If you have moved recently, you know that the stack of boxes you are left with can be mountainous. You now have to stack them and toss them out. All you need to do is take the boxes and lay them out when the recycling truck is scheduled to come by. Commercial businesses throw out an enormous amount of cardboard that can be recycled.
Recycle Glass: If you have jars and drinks that comes in glass containers you want to make sure that you recycle them. The amount of energy that is used to create a new glass as opposed to using a recycled glass is reduced by 50%.

If you are ready to start the recycling process then Texas Heritage Protection wants you to get your bins ready in your local area!