Texas Wind Power

Everything in Texas is bigger and better and that can be said for the state’s wind power contribution as well! Texas produces the most wind power of any other U.S. state and the wind power accounted for 9% of the electricity generated in Texas the last two years. One of the reasons that Texas is the number one contributor of wind power in the country is due to the large amount of farms throughout the state that are leasing their land to wind developers. Not only does this create more electricity for the state, but it also creates a new revenue stream for farmers. The wind power industry is also creating thousands of jobs for local communities and for the state. Wind farms are popping up all over the state, making Texas a proud contributor to wind power, a cleaner environment and energy provider.

The wind power that is being created throughout the state of Texas is renewable energy. This means that it can be produced over and over, unlike fossil fuels that are going to expire in years to come. Wind energy has exceptional potential and can be used to produce a free source of power just like solar and hydro power. Wind power is the cleanest form of renewable energy and can play a significant role in changing the way that energy is produced. Texas leads the charge for a cleaner and more efficient source of energy with its large number of wind farms throughout the state.

Wind energy that is produced in the state of Texas does not pollute the air we breathe or the water that we use. Wind energy does not destroy the environment or release toxic gases. Texas provides the most ideal locations for wind farms, with wide open spaces where wind blows steady and strong. Less pollution in the air and water reduces the risk of outbreak of disease and creates a healthier environment. Not only does Texas show its concern for creating clean energy, but also keeping its citizens safe and healthy. The turbines found in Texas wind farms are working hard to create energy, making a healthier environment and setting an example for the rest of the country. Texas continues to lead the country in creating ways to better our state and our country. To learn more about wind power in Texas, contact Texas Heritage Protection today.