Texas Water Safety

Some of the best pastimes in the state of Texas have to do with water. The water in Texas has so many fun recreational uses such as fishing, swimming and boating. These activities are a great time for all and give Texas families options for wholesome fun. One of the most common activities that Texans do while at the lake, pond, river or ocean is to go boating. No matter the size of the boat or body of water you want to be careful and use your best judgment to stay safe. Spending any recreation time near water can come with a host of dangers. The water can become dangerous to any age person and that is why using proper safety precautions when around the water can save your life or someone else’s.

Texas Heritage protection lists some precautions you can use to stay safe around water.
Wear A Life Jacket: This is the number one way to ensure that you are safe when spending time in and near the water. A life jacket can save you from drowning. Even if you know how to swim if you are stuck out in the water because of an accident you may not be able to tread water until help arrives. A life jacket allows you the added security that you may need to stay afloat while help is dispatched. Be sure that when you are choosing a life jacket you get a size that is suited to you. They come in all different sizes and you want to be sure that you have a proper fit in order for the vest to work properly.
Learn How To Swim: This is another way that you can stay safe around water. You want to be able to swim and not just swim but be a strong and confident swimmer. This can help you if there is trouble and you need to get out of the way and to safety. It can also make your time near the water much more fun and enjoyable. If you plan to spend a lot of time around water make sure that if you have children they are taught to swim by going to swim lessons or any other teaching method that you prefer.
Take Boater Safety Course: If you want to be sure that you are safe operating your boat or marine equipment, you want to take the local boaters safety course. Most counties or states offer a program that you can take that will go over the laws and regulation you need to be aware of when operating your boat. To learn more about Texas, check out http://tpwd.texas.gov/fishboat/boat/ for all pertinent boating information and lots of great tips.

Texas Heritage Protection wants you to come and enjoy the beautiful water and stay safe.