Texas Teenage Invention; Algae Mobile to Reduce Car Emissions

One of the top things on most teenager’s minds is driving! They are all looking forward to the time that they can get their license and drive a car. It is a great way to start to show some responsibility and of course help out your parents. While most kids are thinking and dreaming of the day they can start to drive, one teenager starting looking at cars in a different light. The high school senior from East Plano High School in Texas was driving along one day and noticed that the car ahead of him was emitting carbon dioxide that could easily be seen. The dangers of carbon dioxide are known to many people and there have been many cases of poisoning by accident when a car is left running in an area that is not ventilated properly. The dangers can be fatal and this teen was ready to take on the challenge to come up with a way to reduce the amount of carbon dioxide that cars were emitting. This all took place when the boy was a 17 year old. Param Jaggi set off to see what he could be to be part of the solution and less of the problem like most of his high school peers.

He invented a device that he named the Algae Mobile. The unit is made to be inserted into the tail pipe of any car and can be adjusted to fit any size vehicle. Once the unit is inserted into the tail pipe it will help to turn the carbon dioxide into oxygen that is safe to breath. After three years of work the teen found that algae that is in the aluminum tubing could convert through photosynthesis and change the harmful carbon dioxide into oxygen. He worked hard to show off his invention that he says can make a huge change in the world and is still affordable to many people. He has looked into the cost per unit and come up with about a $30 price tag. This is an affordable option that most people would be willing to part with to help with the environment.

After many shows and conventions the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) offered him an award which has gained him some notoriety. The invention was chosen after the agency looked at more than 1,500 different ideas. This just goes to show that a good cause and hard work can pay off. This young Texas teen is making a name for himself while helping the environment as well. Texas Heritage Protection is proud of Texas’s very own teenage inventor Param Jaggi!