Texas Poaching; Operation Game Thief

Texas offers many excellent experiences for hunters to become involved in. Texas is home to a variety of animals that can legally be hunted and harvested during specific times of the year. While Texas is a popular place for experienced hunters to create wonderful memories, unfortunately Texas has also become a place where poaching has steadily been on the rise and hunting illegally has become a bigger problem that honest hunters and law enforcement have had to find a way to combat. Poaching is a deadly crime against wildlife and wildlife officials say that tens of millions of animals are killed illegally every year. Texas has taken a strong stand against poaching through Operation Game Thief.

Operation Game Thief fights hard against poaching and plays a big role in Texas Wildlife Conservation. It was authorized in 1981 by acts of the 67th Legislature. Operation game thief was primarily created to help out game wardens in Texas who are constantly battling poachers on a daily basis. This program makes it possible for anyone who sees poaching to call a 24 hour toll free hot line to report poaching. The person reporting the poaching has the option to remain anonymous and provide critical, timely information on illegal hunting and fishing that a game warden can respond to immediately. When a poacher is convicted, the person who provided the information to the hotline is given a cash reward. While this is a nice incentive, many people who call in to report the poaching do not wish to receive a reward, but only want to eliminate the presence of poachers in the state of Texas.

Operation Game Thief not only assists greatly in stopping poachers, catching poachers and convicting poachers, but it is also a great program that provides public education on ways to assist in preventing poaching and why it is so important to our state. One of the more popular displays that Operation Game Thief is famous for is the “Wall of Shame”. The wall of shame can be found on display at public education events and displays many animals that were illegally killed and why it was illegal. This helps to educate the public on the importance of becoming familiar with local hunting laws and contributing to Texas wildlife conservation. If you wish to learn more about Operation Game Thief or how to better protect Texas from poachers and illegal hunting, contact Texas Heritage Protection today and keep Texas wildlife conservation an important part of our state.