Texas Horseback Riding Trails

Horses are one of God’s most majestic and useful animals! When you talk about horses now it is mostly to do with riding, showing and racing. They weren’t always used by man but were once wild and roamed free all over the world. Although they are now less and less wild horses, people have realized how smart and useful they really are. They can pull equipment that are used in farming and planting crops as well as pull a buggies that can be used for transportation. Horses are smart and can learn cues and commands so that they will follow what is asked of them. That was what made them so useful in personal transportation. There was a time that horses were the main form of transportation but now have become more of a leisure activity for most. Horses can be used for enjoyment as well as work. They are considered pets for many people. To care and tend to a horse can be a large task to take on but now there are places that you can go like a ranch or farm that house the horses and train them so that you can enjoy a scenic trail ride. Texas is a big farming and ranching state and because of that many people enjoy riding horses. If you don’t own a horse there are several places throughout Texas that you can go and enjoy. They offer rides that are suitable for all level riders from beginners to the highly experienced.

Check out a couple of the best places to go horseback riding in Texas!

Dinosaur Valley S.P – If you want a beautiful area that has nothing but space to ride this is the place for you. You will need to bring your own horses but once you are there you are sure to have a great time. There are not marked trails that are set up for you to ride but you can go and meander around the river and wooded areas as much as you like. This day park is around 100 acres of and is set up as an equestrian park. There are areas marked so that you can safely park your trailer and load and unload your horses.

Fort Richardson S.P. & Lost Creek Reservoir State Trailway – This is an area that you can come and enjoy not only horseback riding but biking trails as well. If you want an area that has good marked trails to ride on this area would be good for you. There are over ten miles of trails that run along the reservoir and through the trees. The trails also go to areas of the park that you can stop to fish or even swim if you like.

Texas Heritage Protection invites you to come and enjoy some fun and exciting horseback riding in Texas!