Texas Bluebonnet Wildflowers Spring Season

The Texas bluebonnet takes center stage this spring season! Texas is known for many different attributes. Most of them being bigger and better than any competitor, but this spring one of the most beautiful characteristics that Texas has to share is the Texas bluebonnet. The Texas State Flower is the Texas bluebonnet and is native to our state and can only be found in our state, making it that much more special. The Texas Legislature designated all species of the bluebonnet plant as the state flowers in 1971. The bluebonnet is a major attraction in Texas during the spring time and can be seen flourishing all over the state.

Many Texans take advantage of this beautiful flower this time of year to beautify the exterior and interior of their homes. Texas bluebonnets can be found all over the state growing in half wooden barrels, raised flower beds, hanging flower vases on front porches, decorative flower pots in the kitchen window and beautiful vases on the dinner table. Texas bluebonnets are not only found in and around Texas homes, but they can be spotted all over the state as well. Texas hillsides, roadsides and meadows are covered with the beautiful state flower this time of year.

The Texas bluebonnet is mildly fragrant, not emitting a strong fragrance but one that is enjoyable to sniff in. Bluebonnets grow in a variety of shades of lavender and can turn to a reddish purple color with age. The Texas bluebonnet is sometimes known by a few other names as well, like the Buffalo Clover, the Wolf Flower and the El Conejo. While the Texas bluebonnet flourishes in the spring time, it is also a very hardy and strong plant that will last through some Texas winters. The main blooming period for the Texas bluebonnet is between the months of March and May. At full bloom the Texas bluebonnets are 10-20 inches tall and 20-30 inches in diameter.

Many Texans send bluebonnets to one another during the spring. Flower shops in Texas will happily fulfill any request to deliver a beautiful bouquet of flowers that includes the Texas bluebonnet. The Texas bluebonnet was named for its color and its resemblance to a woman’s sunbonnet. Texans are proud to have the bluebonnet as their state flower as it is exclusively native to Texas and known throughout the country and parts of the world as belonging to Texas. For more information about the Texas Bluebonnet, contact Texas Heritage Protection today.