Star Wars Named Creatures

If you have been on the internet on the 4th of May, you are sure to have seen posts about Star Wars. The day has been named Star Wars Day due to the fact that May The Fourth is so similar to May The Force from the famous Star Wars movies. The movies have been a multi-million dollar empire with its movies themselves as well as toys and gear.

The species naming community didn’t want to miss out on all the hype and have jumped into the game by naming different types of animals, insects and other critters after the beloved Star Wars Characters. Here are a few of them:

Greedo Catfish: This is a catfish that was named after a character that was a bounty hunter and was named Greedo of Rodia. This character was later killed by the one and only Hans Solo but the discoverer of this species was impressed to name it after the bounty hunter. The resemblance may not be much but it has brought some hype to the species itself. The catfish has eyes that bulge out and a flat head like most catfish. It is mostly a yellowish tan coloring and has a large mouth at the underside of the head.

Yoda Acorn Worm: This is a type of worm that is found deep in the sea. Although you may think that it would be green in color it is actually purple. The Yoda part of the name comes from the appearance of the head of the worm. The worm has the signature acorn head but has two wings that protrude from the sides that the researcher thought looked more like Yoda ears sticking out. This resemblance to Yoda was such a big deal they decided to give it a name to match and it is now called the Yoda Purpurata.

Darth Vader Mite: If you think of Darth Vader, the last pest that you may attribute to his mighty name is a tiny mite but that is the exact pest that has the namesake. The mite when it was placed under a microscope, reminded the researcher Glenn Hunt of the mask that Darth Vader wore throughout the movies. He thought a fitting name for this microscopic mite would be Darthvaderum.

Chewbacca Moth: There is a moth that was named in 2009 after everyone’s favorite wookie. The hairy wookie from the movie is a staple and the sidekick to Hans Solo. Chewbacca is known for his tall stature and his hair covered body. The new moth that was discovered shared the hairy look with the wookie and so the name was set Wockia Chewbacca.

Texas Heritage Protection wants to with everyone a Happy Star Wars day and May The Fourth Be With YOU.