Scrap Tire Recycling

We all know the great beneficial gain of recycling the basics. Paper products, glass, aluminum and the various assortments of plastics. But with all the generic recycling materials, sometimes the more subtle recyclables get overlooked. Recycling scrap tires is especially useful to contribute to the cause.

The value in scrap tires is coming to light. Finding the beneficial gain of scrap tires can help alleviate the illegal curbside tire dumping, and remove the scrap tire element from landfills. Local governments in Texas have been exhausting resources trying to find a solution to the ongoing problem of illegal tire dumping, which often results in tire fires and providing pest vectors capable of spreading diseases. Mosquitoes, snakes, and rats are just some examples of the potential pests that are attracted to what abandoned tires illegally dumped provide. With scrap tires, a long term sustainable use is available.

Scrap tires differ from used tires. Used tires are tires that are still capable of being utilized for their original purpose. Tires that can be retreaded are not considered scrap. Retreading tires is an excellent way to recycle tires. Tires that are no longer serviceable are scrap tires. There are different rules and regulations concerning storage and disposal for tires that are used.

There are additional options available to the public to recycle the scrap tire, and of course reusing or modifying is always an alternative. With the beneficial and diverse options in Texas, it all boils down to are local needs, innovations and collaboration. There are few elements to a tire that can make the recycling differ. Scrap tires can be recycled in the original form, or with modification to the shape.

A few examples of recycling the scrap tire could be any of the following, but not limited to:
• Planters
• Wall retention
• Raised bed gardens
• Compost bins
• Bird baths
• Tire swings.

Before utilizing the scrap tire, especially if you desire to use it where it will come into contact with family members, you should ensure it is clean. Use a hot soapy water mixture to remove the filth. If you wish to use the scrap tire as a swing, you can protect the tree branch by placing tire rings around it. Buildings catering to children can utilize tire scraps as well, some ideas include:
o Playground structures
o Swings
o Forts
o Climber
Or a flat play lot could be transformed into:
o Castle
o Fitness Center
o Water gun/ball fighting zone.

When using tire scraps for playing, always clean them well with the hot soapy water. Another side note is that tires bond with latex paint very well. For major projects with the use of scrap tires, local officials should be notified to ensure proper regulations and protocols are being followed.

In the past, full scrap tires have been approved in projects such as; planters, moving equipment padding, pistol range sidewalls and backstops, miniature golf courses, paintball game courts, and erosion control or bank stabilizers. With the use of scrap tires, there quite a bit of options one can do to. But to help reduce the growing number of scrap tires, always keep your driving tires at the maximum recommended air pressure, and get them rotated on schedule. Doing so will help them will last longer, enhance gas mileage and be safer for everyone.