Recycling Computers & Technology

We live in an age where we not only enjoy electronic-tech gadgets for the convenience in day to day life, but in many ways, we have come to depend on them. Computers, smart phones, tablets, vehicles that come equipped with electronic devices, appliances are armed with electronic technology and so much more. With the worlds population, the need has come to conserve resources, and avoid being wasteful. Recycling was established decades ago for products made of varying metals, plastics and paper. But now, we encourage the recycling of technology. Smart phones, tablets, computers, laptops, TVs and so much more have the ability to be recycled.

Donating merchandise is a good place to start for things that are still functioning and of use. However, when the item in question is no longer functioning, there are alternatives besides throwing it in the garbage. There are quite a few places that support, sponsor, or facilitate technology recycling. Some programs are more optimal than others. So depending on where you live, it might be a good idea to invest research into the place where it is the most beneficial.

Texas Heritage Protection would like to offer the benefits of recycling your out of date technological toys.
1. Conservation of natural resources. When you recycle electronics, you are conserving the earths natural resources. Many of the materials used in electronics are recoverable. The recoverable materials gained from old devices can be used in newer devices. Thus cutting down on resources used to manufacture the materials needed. There is a surprising amount of assortments of metals, plastics and glass that are optimal for recovering and recycling the production of new devices.
2. Community support. When you donate the old technology, it is refurbished or even recycled. The refurbished goods are sold to low-income families, school programs, military programs, or other non-profit organizations. It lends aid to people who wouldn’t be able to obtain it otherwise.
3. Creates local jobs. As the demand for electronic and technology recycling grows, more people will be needed in fulfilling that assignment. As much as 90% of equipment is recyclable. The more folks that get on board, the more items will need to be worked; creating more jobs within local facilities.
4. Public health and environment is protected with the aid of recycling old technology. With much of the electronic products in circulation, a common element found in their manufacturing is lead or mercury. Lead and mercury are hazardous materials, that can be harmful to humans, and the environment.

Instead of allowing electronic toys to end up in the landfill, and pollute the air and people around it, it should be a priority to get the old technology donated for refurbishing or to break down and recycle all the materials that can be recycled. If everyone does their part in conserving our natural resources, keeping the earth land and waters clean as well as recycling all that can be recycled, we can better preserve our planet for future generations.