Places to Go Hiking in Texas

One of the best ways to spend your time outdoors is to take a hike through the beautiful and vast arrays of landscape that exist. On a hike you are able to take in the beautiful sights and sounds as well as save yourself money. A hike is a pastime that doesn’t cost you a thing and has been proven to increase mental health. The exercise you receive can increase strength and stamina. This enjoyable pastime is for any age and can be enjoyable any time of the year. Texas has some great places to hike and there are levels to fit anyone from the elderly to the young and the experienced hiker to the novice.

Texas Heritage Protection has a list of some great places to hike and how you can help the environment while you are at it!

How Does Hiking Help the Environment? Although hiking itself does not do much to help the environment there is a lot that comes from hiking. Everyone from people that take occasional hikes to the avid outdoors-man, are more likely to be considerate of the plants and wildlife around them. They are more likely to take pride in their area and state and care for the land as they are out. The best way to help is to keep garbage picked up and to leave it better than it was when you got there. Never take anything from rocks, trees, leaves or wildlife. These things are what keeps the environment and circle of life balanced.

Best Places To Hike In Texas. If you are looking for a great place to hike, Texas is the answer. Texas has a wide variety of landscapes and scenery that will take your breath away. Big Bend National Park is a great forest place to go if you want many options on trails to choose from. The park offers over 150 miles of trails that are good for any adventurer. You can also take a drive over to Big Thicket National Preserve. This preserve is great for any kind of hiker and if you keep your eyes open you are sure to come across some wildlife like rabbits and snakes. If you are looking for a spot to see some spectacular waterfalls take a trip to Bend, TX and visit the Colorado Bend State Park. You can take a trail that leads to an awesome 60 foot waterfall. On the way you will see valleys and deep canyons.

If you are ready to take in the beauty of Texas, take a hike in one of our exhilarating National State Parks!