National Park Week 2016

Nation Park Week is set to commence during the week of April 16th through the 24th and it is hailed as America’s largest national heritage celebration! If you are interested in exploring and discovering the beauty of America’s unique parks and wildlife or enjoying a vacation that is easy on the budget and healthy on the body, mind and spirit; try visiting a national park!

Scheduled National Park Week Events Include:
• During the week of April 16th through April 24th, when you visit a national park you will receive free admission!
• April 16th – National Junior Ranger Day
• April 22nd – Earth Day
• April 23rd – National Park Instameet – Gather in a designated place during a specific time to take photos and short videos to post on social media such as instagram
• April 24th – Park Rx Day – fun recreational activities designed to promote a healthy lifestyle that encourages physical and mental well-being.
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Texas is home to 13 national parks. Some of the most popular and richly diverse national parks in the Texas area include:
Amistad National Park – Located in Del Rio, TX, Amistad has been described as an oasis in the desert. Amistad National Recreation Areas is the U.S. portion of the international Amistad Reservoir. The name Amistad originates from the Spanish word meaning friendship. Amistad is renowned for its water recreation, camping, hiking and its rich and unique cultural history. Amistad is also home to a spectacular array of plant and animal life both in and out of the water.
Big Bend National Park – Located in the Rio Grande, TX, Big Bend is a place where the night skies are like velvet and the rivers carve natural canyons and ravines through the centuries old limestone. The weather-beaten dessert is home to hundreds of species of birds who are known to make their homes in the surrounding mountain range. Beautiful cacti bloom in the southwestern sun and provide home to a diverse collection of species. Big Bend is both beautiful, tranquil and a natural setting that provides a getaway far from the hustle and bustle of the city.
Guadalupe Mountains – Located in Salt Flat, TX, the Guadalupe Mountains National Parks is one of the best examples in the world of a fossil reef from the Permian Era. Guadalupe Mountains provides opportunities for hiking and backpacking in one of the nation’s most untouched areas of wilderness. If you are an avid bird watcher or history buff there are numerous opportunities available to you to learn and have a fun time by visiting the Guadalupe Mountains.
Palo Alto Battlefield – Located in Brownville, TX, the Palo Alto Battlefield National Historical Park is one of great historic significance. On May 8th, 1846, United States and Mexican troops fought on the prairie of Palo Alto. The battle began a war which lasted for two years and in essence changed the map of North America from what it was once known. The Palo Alto Battlefield National Historical Park preserves the site of a legionary battle and educates future generations on the cause, historic events and consequences of the U.S Mexican War.

Texas Heritage Protection aims to preserve our National Parks, State, Country and planet!