Longboard Stroller With Baby Seat

Spring time in Texas is a great time to spend with family. Spring in Texas provides warmer temperatures, bright sunshine and beautiful flowers blooming around us. There is no better time to get outdoors and enjoy your surroundings with your family. Texas offers many ways to enjoy the outdoors, and there is one new trend happening that will add even more fun to your city outings. A stroller company by the name of Quinny has invented a different type of baby stroller that will have extreme sport fans thinking a stroll in the park with the kids just got way more exciting. Quinny has invented what they call the Longboard Stroller. This unique invention allows children and adults both to improve the excitement of just a regular old stroller walk into something much more. The Longboard stroller features a proper carriage for the child to sit in like a regular stroller, but the difference is that it is attached to the front of a longboard. Parents can stand and kick to propel themselves and travel faster than they normally would with a traditional style stroller.

Make your Texas family outing eco-friendly! With the invention of the Longboard Stroller, Quinny has given families an additional option for fun outings to the city or park or on a simple neighborhood stroll. Their main goal is to promote the movement of families in cities in an eco-friendly fashion. Taking the kids for a ride in the longboard stroller is a great way to exercise, have fun and keep our Texas air clean. Families who take advantage of this fun new way to travel around will spend more time together and add an element of coolness to their journey. The Quinny Longboard Stroller is not only a smooth ride, but while in the city you can easily fold it up and carry while window shopping, as the stroller is collapsible and easy to carry around.

Texas offers many eco-friendly activities. Whether you have just purchased your Longboard stroller and are cruising the smooth streets of the city or you are ready to take a more adventurous outing to the local mountain bike trails near your home, Texas has many areas to choose from that offer you and your family eco-friendly activities. Biking, hiking, walking or longboarding are all fantastic ways to enjoy the wonderful Texas landscape and at the same time treat it kindly. For more information on eco-friendly activities that you and your family can become involved in, contact Texas Heritage Protection today.