Join us in San Antonio!

Texas Representative John Lujan, R–San Antonio, will be hosting a town hall 7 p.m. Monday, August 15th at Palo Alto College in San Antonio to discuss ways to cleanup the Applewhite Safe Tire Facility.

The facility, which contains more than 2.3 million unauthorized scrap tires, is the second largest scrap tire site in Texas. Piles of tires have been left to rot for decades and now pose a health and safety hazard to nearby residential areas. Tire piles breed disease-carrying mosquitos and pose significant and costly fire risks, especially one this large.

Lujan hopes residents will come out to learn about the issue and how they can get involved. Currently, officials plan on reviewing the site’s history, educating the public about its dangers, and letting residents know what they can do to help clean up Applewhite and help solve the problems that brought about the situation in the first place. Residents will have a chance to pose questions and comments at the event.

A small tire pile located at San Antonio's Applewhite Site in June.
A small tire pile located at San Antonio’s Applewhite Site in June.

For more information about Applewhite, click here.


When: 7 p.m.
Where: Palo Alto College
1400 W Villaret Blvd, San Antonio, TX
Legacy Room 101
(located inside Ozuna Library)
*Please park in lot 11
Cost: Free.