How to Produce Water from Air

One man’s invention pulls water from the air, literally! Having enough available water especially during a drought can be challenging especially when residents are asked to conserve as much as they can. One Central Texas man has created a device that you can use at home to create your own water out of thin air and with record breaking heat in parts of Texas. The devise called the ‘Drought Master’ is getting a lot of attention.

For inventor Terry LeBleu, the reason for the invention is very simple. According to scientific journals we are still drinking water that is millions of year’s old, water that has in essence never really left the earth. The problem is that in this day and age the water is so polluted; it can have a detrimental effect on our health. LeBleu invented his very first water making machine in 1997 for his father who was diagnosed with cancer and found drinking tap water a hardship as he did not like the taste of the water from the faucet in his home.

LeBleu’s water-making devise then transformed into a resource to be used during emergencies such as drought and he is capable of producing several different versions which are can produce and store as much as 55 gallons at a time. LeBleu has approximately 2,000 orders with more coming in each day. Mr. LeBleu is a retired A/C repairman and self-proclaimed full time tinkerer. With the development of his device, LeBleu came to the realization that he was able to satisfy the thirst of those individuals who do not have access to water. In layman’s terms, the water is extracted from the humidity in the air. The higher the humidity, the quicker the water can be processed. It takes approximately two days to fill a 55-gallon container.

LeBleu has patented his remarkable invention and states that the process works by using a condensing coil and an evaporation coil to make the water. The actual process is a closely guarded secret. When asked by the media why he didn’t just cash-in on the patent and make himself a millionaire, LeBleu responded that he has over 68 inventions and that are some are even better than this one. His dream is for the ‘Drought Master’ Big Dipper 55 gallon Portable Potable Water Generator to go out to the public, to the whole world in fact.

LeBleu wants his invention to be available to anyone interested by offering a step-by-step, do-it-yourself DVD. Everything needed to make a Big Dipper 55 Gallon Portable Potable Water Generator can be bought at your local hardware store.

For more information contact Founded by Terry LeBleu, Drought Masters is an organization that has one goal, to help the world. Inventions are created with one purpose in mind, to provide a viable solution to the world’s problems including lack of drinking water, greenhouse emissions and the high cost of energy. Products and inventions include solving water issues by building machines to garnish water from the air along with turning water into fuel to create electricity and many other types of products and inventions designed with the needs of the world in mind.