How to Make Rope from Plastic Bottles

The old adage used to be “reduce, recycle, reuse”. Where that is still an excellent way to aid the environment and preserve the planet for future generations, there are those that have extraordinary creativity and ingenuity. With their ideas and talents, the final products are something to behold and it comes from upcycling. There are so many people that are turning worthless, broken down junk and creating useful end products. Now another creative design has been developed by two French environmentalists, Ian and Pavel to upcycle old plastic water bottles. Texas Heritage Protection would like to expound on the idea of turning old plastic drinking bottles with a simple pocket size bottle cutter!

The tool itself is relatively simple; a wooden handle connected to a razor blade that utilizes a cutting guide. This tool can cut the plastic bottle, producing a long, thin strand of plastic, which is as flexible and sturdy as any rope. Directions are easy enough, cut the bottom portion of the bottle off, the bottle inserts into a slot, and the tool will slice the remaining bottle into a thin strand. However, if the bottle is rigid, holding it over a heat source to smooth it out is required.

Once you have the strand of plastic rope, you then have the capabilities to use it in many do it yourself projects, or to get you out of a tough spot, like towing a car, or even for arts and crafts. You can string up make shift hammocks, or have something useful if the need arises in survival situations or camping trips.

The upcycled rope has been put to the test and experimented on to test the durability and strength. Naturally it will depend on the bottle manufacturing to the extent of the strength, but in studies the Coke-cola bottle was used and it was able to pull a car from a ditch. Another experiment allowed the rope to pull a load of soda weighing over 15 pounds. That same rope was then left out in the sun for 2 years, and still had the fortitude to pull a load of soda.

The volume of plastic bottles that people of the world go through is truly mind boggling. With recent estimates, our oceans are filled with over 8 million tonnes of waste. Getting accurate numbers is difficult since a fair portion of garbage sinks, but scientists believe that the amount of trash polluting our oceans is over 12 million tonnes of refuse every year. And unless drastic changes are made, it is believed that within 30 years garbage will outweigh the number of fish in the ocean.

When the gadget was first presented, it had gained 2,950 investors, raising $148,110. The original funding goal was only $9,445 and there is still time for their campaign to raise more funds. With pricing being $15-$22, this product is expected to be shipped out by June of this year. Utilizing this product can help reduce the waste of bottles by upcycling it into useful needs in effort to help the environment.