How Deep is Jacob’s Well In Texas?

If you are looking for one of the coolest and most unique water attractions in Texas, Jacob’s Well is a must stop on your list. This unique natural creation is one that is bound to show the beauty and wonder of the world around you. The well is a one of a kind and of course it is found in the great state of Texas. You can visit this site as a place to spend some time swimming, diving and exploring. Are you intrigued? Do you want to know what Jacob’s Well is and why it is so amazing?

Texas Heritage Protection looks at Jacob’s Well, where it is at and what you can do on your visit there.

Where is Jacob’s Well Located? If you want to take a trip to Jacob’s Well you will need to travel near Wimberley Texas. It is actually located northwest of the city and flows from the bed of the Cypress Creek. You can find the exact location in the town or on a map. You can get close to the location and enjoy a day of fun and swimming.

What Is Jacob’s Well? It is a well as the name suggests. The cool part is that it is a spring that raises up from the ground and it fed by the Cypress Creek. It is also kept full from water from the Trinity Aquafer. The well is about 12 feet in diameter and when you look from above you can see the well that extends over 30 feet deep in the ground full of crystal clear water. The depth of the well is what makes the well such an amazing attraction. The well also has some crevices and hoes well past the 30 feet. Some of these under water tunnels even reach up to 120 feet deep!

What Can You Do There? If you are a diver, whether you have a lot or just a little experience, you can enjoy time at Jacob’s Well. The well has some fun places that you can dive down and enjoy a deep dive that shows off many of the tunnels that have been explored by professional divers to map out the look of the cave itself. You can also enjoy swimming and splashing in the water in the well and around it as well. If you are not ready to get in the water and explore you can enjoy some of the land, plants and animals that surround the area.

What Are The Dangers? Although the well has been swam in and divers have explored, it can still be dangerous. The water is always dangerous for people that are not strong swimmers and the fact that it is a natural landscape it can lead to outside dangers such as rocks shifting. Always use your best judgement and be cautious when swimming in this area to enjoy your day safely.

Come and enjoy some of what the great state of Texas has to offer!