Who we are

A Group of People Who Love Texas

God created Texas with his own hands. Our great state is a wonderful place, and the members of the Texas Heritage Protection have joined together to help keep it that way.
As an advocacy nonprofit, our goal is simple, we want to ensure our beautiful state is the same Texas we hand to our children, grandchildren, and future generations of Texans. That's why we are working with businesses, consumers, farmers, ranchers, landowners, conservationists, and our state's elected leaders to find realistic, commonsense solutions that will help preserve and protect our state's abundant natural resources and unique beauty.
Texas remains a beacon for economic development, job growth, agricultural production, and tourism.  That's why taking care of the land and appreciation of Texas's natural beauty are values we continue to pass down to future Texans.
We know that good stewardship, with regards to our natural surroundings, and good stewardship, with regards to our communities and economy, are not mutually exclusive goals. Therefore, our founders, members, and staff are committed to helping keep Texas the absolute best place to live, work and still be able to get lost looking at the night sky.