Harmful Effects of Plastic Bags

Last week we all had the opportunity to celebrate Earth Day, taking the time to truly appreciate just how wonderful our world is and how lucky we are to live on an earth that provides so much to us. Keeping our earth clean and safe gives us hope that it will be around for generations to come and not only our children can enjoy it, but also our grandchildren and so on. One of the most harmful ways we are mistreating our earth is with the constant use of plastic bags.

Plastic bags are expensive and the cost impacts each of us! You may think that the price of a thin plastic bag that your groceries are put into at the market is not much, but this not true. The cost of plastic bags adds up to over $4 billion a year for retailers across the country. One great way to take your part in protecting the earth from the use of plastic bags is to use your own reusable groceries bags when you go to the market to shop for food. Retailers will also save on costs if shoppers bring their own reusable bags. Further, plastic bags present an extra cost when it comes to street cleaning, storm water sewage, and the value of recycled and composed materials.

Plastic bags add to the amount of litter on our Earth and are actually one of the top contributor’s to our planets littering problem. Think about all of the purposes we use plastic bags for; bathroom bin liners, picking up after pets in the back yard, but mostly just throwing them out after they have barely been used. Often they end up on the street, in parks, in the ocean, on beaches, everywhere you could imagine. It is estimated that plastic bags make up 80% of the litter on our earth. Think of how much litter we could reduce as a population if we drastically reduced the amount of plastic bags that we use.

There are a great deal of alternatives available to us today that will substitute for the use of plastic bags. Many retailers offer large reusable bags to use at the market for grocery shopping. When going out to the store, use a back pack, beach bag, canvas bag or sling bag and protect our earth from the harmful effects of plastic bags.