Grove Ecosystems

One of the best ways to sustain your own life is to be able to grow your own food. This is a way that you can feed yourself and your family for as long as you need. One of the biggest trends that is sweeping the nation is healthy eating. Many people are choosing to take a closer look at the foods they are eating and where the foods are coming from. Once you have determined that you want a larger hand in the foods you eat, hunting and gardening are the best skills to cultivate. If you are have never had luck in gardening or you live in an area that makes it near impossible to plant a garden, there is a new invention that could change the way people grow their own greens and other edible plants. Many people are able to grow some herbs on a window ledge and keep them flourishing but that is about the extent of interior gardening that has really existed until now.

An invention that has come out of MIT is called the Grove Eco-system. This system can be installed in any home and used to grow all sorts of plants that can be used to feed your family. The Grove Ecosystem is a two part design. It actually first uses a tank that has fish in it and above it is the garden box that is used to plant your garden. The aquarium that is housed under the garden plays an active role in the growing process. When fish eat the food in the tank and digest it, they release a waste that is high in ammonia which is then turned into fertilizer. The organic fertilizer is what will lend the garden the nutrients to grow and in the same process will keep the tank clean for the fish.

In addition to this system to grow your own food there is an app that is downloaded and will work with you to keep the system working optimally. You don’t need to have any experience in gardening to use this system. The app will keep tabs on the unit and send you alerts with instructions on what you need to do to keep it running. You can follow the set of instructions and your garden will do great. These systems have been able to produce up to an entire salad each day!

Are you afraid that your garden will be dead if you leave on vacation? They thought of that too! There is a setting that you can use that is low energy and can be left to grow for over a week on this setting. The lights are low energy and ecofriendly and the system will conserve water on this setting as well. Texas Heritage Protection encourages people to understand and appreciate where their food comes from!