Geocaching in Texas State Parks Near Me!

Add geocaching to your families spring break activities. Geocaching is becoming a beloved activity by all who participate as it is similar to a treasure hunt that provides the thrill and excitement that comes with discovering a hidden gem. Geocaching has become a modern day treasure hunt with geocaches being hidden almost everywhere. Geocaches are being hidden in urban areas as well as in wide open spaces, and now even Texas State Parks have made many geocaches their home. If you are not familiar with geocaching, geo means earth and cache means hidden item. Geocaches range in size from the very small, like a film canister or larger like the size of a camouflaged lunch box. Many of these will contain a log book which you can sign your name or even items to trade.

Getting involved with Geocaching is very easy and a great way to take on a new activity with your kids. Visit the website and choose an easy or less difficult cache for your very first hunt. The caches on the site have difficulty levels that measure the difficulty, size and terrain of the cache. Once you have chosen the very first cache you will take on, you can download the GPS coordinates to your smart phone and head out on your maiden geocaching voyage! Once you are sure you have arrived at the cache site, approach it safely and slowly, as many of these sites are often home to some type of wildlife.

Pack the appropriate tools needed for a successful and fun geocaching hunt. There are a handful of necessary tools you should have with you when you go out on a geocaching exploration. Always remember to bring your smart phone that has the GPS geocache coordinates on it so you know where you are going. Unfortunately many people get so excited, this is the one item they accidentally leave behind and have to end up flipping a quick u-turn to get the coordinates and start their journey. Make sure you pack a pen or pencil to sign a log book if there is one in the geocache. Always pack enough water for your journey. Many geocaching sites include a good amount of hiking. Make sure you dress comfortably and wear a hat, sunscreen and comfortable shoes. Pack inexpensive but interesting items you can trade for what trade items may be waiting inside of the geocache you are hunting for. For more information on geocaching at Texas State Parks, contact Texas Heritage Protection today!