Energy Efficient Radiant Windows

One way to improve the quality of life within your home is to have radiant windows installed. Not only are radiant windows excellent for your home, but they can also prove to be extremely efficient in commercial buildings as well. Radiant windows act as the primary heating source for homes and buildings that they are installed in. They harness high thermal efficiency and provide a primary source of heat.

The standard windows in your home or at your office do not provide anywhere close to the amount of thermal efficiency that radiant windows provide. Windows are often the weakest link when it comes to their efficiency in homes and buildings. If the temperatures outside are cold, then you can bet the temperatures near your windows are cooler than the other areas of your home. Keeping your home or building warm can cost a great deal of money, especially during the coldest parts of the year. Radiant windows will bring down the cost of central heating and be much more efficient than standard windows.

Radiant windows work by utilizing two panes of glass. The interior panel has a metallic coating that wires are connected to. When a small voltage is applied, the metallic coating heats up and directs heat into the interior and prevents heat transfer from inside the building to the outside. The radiant window system works very much like the rear window defroster found in most cars. There is also an electronic control system that self-regulates the voltage. It constantly monitors the inside and outside temperatures and the temperature of the glass and operates as needed.

Radiant windows emit a warm heat that is absorbed by surrounding objects and occupants. They are able to provide superior thermal comfort at a lower room air temperature by increasing the mean radiant heat in a given space. The radiant windows system works by directly warming objects in the space rather than heating only the air in the room. Radiant windows are able to achieve higher R-values than traditional window products that are installed in most homes today.

Radiant windows not only save you money when it comes to your heating expenses but they also increase the level of comfort you experience within the walls of your home. Radiant windows eliminate the sensation of drafts and they heat spaces more evenly than convection systems do. They prevent condensation and completely stop heat loss through the glass surface. They provide your warmth in your home without any noises coming from a loud heating unit. Radiant windows assist in eliminating air borne pathogens that are often carried throughout the air in your home by forced air systems. Take the first step into a more efficient future by considering radiant windows for your home or commercial building today!