Energy Efficient Light Bulb Facts

How often do you think about the light bulbs that you are using to light your home? Probably not much thought goes into it except for the moment they go out and you have to replace them. If you walk down the aisle in the store that has light bulbs, you may notice that not all bulbs are created equally. The time when people would look for the cheapest bulb is over! Times have changed and most people are more aware of their energy use and their effect on the environment. That is why when you look at the different options in light bulbs you will notice there could be lots of options for the same size bulb. Not only the watts that are used for that bulb but there is much more to look at. Being conscience of your energy consumption is a great way to better your life and really in the end will save you money.

A standard light bulb is not going to last very long. If it is in a room that uses the lights often and for an extended amount of time, you may get a few weeks out of it and it is time to change again. There are so many great options and they are made to last! You can spend a few extra dollars and be more energy efficient and have some fun added benefits. There are some bulbs that can be programmed to your internet access or change to different colors!

To decide what bulb might be best for you Texas Heritage Protection has a list of some options you can choose from.
Size & Shape of Light Bulb: You need to look at the size of the bulb that you are replacing. All bulbs have a specific size and the most common type is called an Edison screw but there are two other main options so be sure that you get the right size for your light socket. After you have gotten the right size bulb you can look at the shape options. This can be for decorative purposes or it can be dependent on the bulb you are replacing. You might need a flood light, globe light or an A-line to name a few.
Types of Light Bulbs: This is the area where you can look into the different types of lighting that exist. This can be a standard bulb that uses filament that is heated up and produces light. Some of the more common lights are using LED or CFL. They each have their own benefits and the best thing about both is that they are long lasting. They even have bulbs that are manufactured to last up to 10 years!

Choosing a better bulb can save you money and time in replacing your bulbs more often; not to mention the energy that you are saving too!