Earth Day Texas 2016 Activities

If you go online or watch the news, you are sure to see many ways that the environment is in danger and being polluted in one way or another. It could be due to the way that people live their everyday life or it could be the trash that is being piled up around the country and in our oceans. Whatever the cause, it seems that there is not much that can be done to help. You are just one person. What can you possibly do to help the cause and save our earth? Well Texas has started an initiative to help get people just like you involved and educated in how you can make a change. There are inventions, programs, discoveries and policies that are available to help you get on track. This is what we call Earth Day Texas!

This event is run by a nonprofit organization that takes their time to get speakers that are able to go over the latest and greatest in clean up and recycling innovations. There are representatives here that are all about saving the earth, doing their part to raise awareness and helping individuals that want to make a change for the better. Businesses and government agencies are here to go over programs that you can be a part of to help improve the quality of the earth and benefit you and your posterity in the process.

When Is Earth Day Texas? This year in 2016 Earth Day Texas, is right around the corner. You can come out and be a part of the celebration to save the earth from April 22nd through April 24th starting at 10AM until 6PM. You can come out all day or part of the day to learn what you need to become aware of ways you can help the environment and what changes you can make. The event is free to the public and Texas Heritage Protection encourages all to come out and enjoy this wonderful event. We are celebrating Earth Day Texas in Fair Park, Dallas Texas and will have lots of fun and tons of educational material for all ages.

What If You Can’t Make It? You can still do your part and do what you can to become educated with the latest technology and inventions that can help change your way of living. The more you talk about the current problems and offer solutions the better. Do you part by spreading awareness and educating yourself in ways that you can protect our earth!

Join Texas Heritage Protection this year at the Earth Day Texas three day event in Fair Park, Dallas Texas!