Caving in Texas

Texas has a wide range of activities to keep everyone busy. From hunting, hiking, camping, mountain-biking, animal observing, or just simply enjoying the fresh air, being bored here is virtually impossible. But along with all the wonderful options to keep yourself entertained, exploring caves is quite an exceptional adventure.

Texas Heritage Protection would like share some caves worth looking into.
– Kickapoo Cavern State Park: Kickapoo Cavern State Park has it all. Outdoor activities for people with all interests, such as picnic sites, camping, hiking, mountain biking, bird-watching, evening bat flight viewing and of course cave tours. All the activities offered are an exciting way to spend a few days in the outdoors, but for the individual looking for a challenge, going through the caves might be better suited for you. The caves are underdeveloped, and are moderately strenuous. Very much worth every protesting muscle or ounce of sweat to traverse the underground hike, the sight is breathtaking. To be better prepared for the vigorous hike, durable shoes are optimal, two separate light sources, and it is in the favor of the participant if you are a fairly experienced hiker. A signed release waiver and reservations are required. Unauthorized entry is strictly prohibited. Take advantage of spring break and take some vacation time to explore Kickapoo Cavern State Park this spring! For convenience, the park is opened every day in the month of March.
– Longhorn Cavern State Park: Longhorn Cavern State Park is another must if you fancy the outdoor activities and find that exploring caves is on your to do list. Just an hour and half away from Austin, you can hold your own expedition in the unique geological Caves of Legend. There are quite a few tales and legends surrounding the Longhorn Cavern. The cave itself is 68 degrees all year long.

As far as the geologic history of the cavern, few theories actually coincide. Some experts believe 450-500 million years ago a shallow tropical sea engulfed most of Central Texas. Under the sea, the mud evolved into limestone. Another theory being considered, is an event known as “Llano Uplift”, where mountain-building forces shifted under Central Texas took place between 280-300 million years ago. Faults and fractures constructed the flat limestone during the chaos. Others believe that the limestone dissolved due to the water flow through the cracks. A continuous, downward flow of water cut out underground stream beds out the solid work. It is very unusual that the two events, the water dissolving and cutting, taking place in one area names the Longhorn Cavern extremely unique.

The history of Longhorn Caverns is exceptional. It provided refuge for people in prehistoric era’s. There is a large room that is next to the main entrance that provided shelter for them. In the mid 1800s, Anglo settlers discovered the cavern. They mined the bat guano. Bat guano was used to manufacture gunpowder during the Civil War. There are many legends and stories surrounding the Longhorn Cavern, but one of many is based on an outlaw. The outlaw, known as Sam Bass, used the cavern as a cache of stolen money, adding up to 2 million dollars. No-one has ever found any evidence to support this claim however.

As mentioned before, there are many stories and legends that relate to Longhorn Caverns, but one other legend is a Texas Ranger tangled with Native Americans to rescue a young girl they kidnapped. Among the tours offered, are walking tours to explore the caves and marvel at the geological surroundings. Wild cave tours take you to the lesser developed caves, but you will need a headlight, and expect to get filthy with crawling and wiggling in tight spaces. You can make reservations to take small group ours to apply your photography skills. And finally, the paranormal tour allows you to bring your paranormal hunting equipment with you to see what you will discover.

Texas Heritage Protection encourages all to enjoy our great State of Texas. We strive to preserve our beautiful State for future generations.