Flooding Attracts Mosquitoes

Recent flooding in Texas has health authorities on high alert. Mosquitoes are more likely to multiple in the ideal conditions flooding provides! With more and more information becoming available regarding the Zika Virus and its various modes of transmission, the status of Zika is changing. According to the World Health Organization (WHO) what started as […]

Spread of Zika Virus

Health Officials in Brazil confirmed the first two cases of Zika infection acquired from a blood transfusion in February 2016. In one instance an individual received blood from a transfusion earlier that same year. A series of genetic tests confirmed the man became infected with the virus although he did not develop any symptoms. The […]

Dog Mosquito Repellent Clothing

Can insect-repellent clothing protect your dog from diseases carried by mosquitoes? Many pet owners are already aware of the dangers of heart worm. Mosquitoes can transmit heart worm to both dogs and cats though an infected bite, but did you know that mosquitoes are not the only pests that can harm your beloved pets? Ticks […]

City of Amarillo Announces Free Tire Drop Off Program!

Illegal tire dumping has become an ongoing problem in Amarillo and public health officials are concerned. Mosquitoes are known to be prevalent in areas that contain stagnant water and abandoned tires are a perfect receptacle to allow mosquitoes to breed. According to public health officials, the illegal dumping of used tires has become a public […]

Potential for Zika Virus in Houston, Texas

Cities across the country, including Houston are bracing for an outbreak of Zika. One of the major problems found in many areas including Houston is the illegal dumping of tires and the potential for them to become one of the largest breeding grounds for mosquitoes. Of particular concern are the yellow fever (Aedes aegypti) mosquito […]

CDC Zika Virus Research & Testing

Researchers at the Center for Disease Control (CDC) emergency unit believe that the Zika virus is one of the most complicated issues that the United States has ever faced! Scientists and researchers who specialize in infectious diseases and birth defects are busy monitoring the Emergency Operations Center (EOC) at the CDC trying to learn more […]

NASA Map Predicting Spread of Zika Virus

The scientists and researchers at NASA have released maps to detail the potential spread of the Zika virus throughout the United States. The majority of areas that will be affected are in the southern states along with other major cities, including Houston. The maps were part of a recently published study that examined 50 different […]

Scrap Tire Recycling

We all know the great beneficial gain of recycling the basics. Paper products, glass, aluminum and the various assortments of plastics. But with all the generic recycling materials, sometimes the more subtle recyclables get overlooked. Recycling scrap tires is especially useful to contribute to the cause. The value in scrap tires is coming to light. […]

Commercial Zika Virus Test Receives FDA Approval

With new cases of Zika virus being diagnosed on a daily basis combined with so many unknown variables regarding the means of transmission, it is imperative that researchers develop an accurate method of testing. A new study indicates that blood testing alone missed approximately half of all recent Zika infections pushing scientists to develop more […]

Mosquito Control; Remove Standing Water

The heat of summer is fast approaching, and with it comes the potential threat of mosquito borne viruses including the much publicized Zika virus. Threats of Zika are becoming harder to ignore and researchers are especially concerned that many areas in the United States including Texas have experienced some of the warmest winter months on […]