Tires will remain a problem in Texas

Tires will remain a problem in Texas after Governor Abbott decided to veto SB570. The bill, authored by Sen. José Rodríguez (D-El Paso) was set to fix many of the problems associated with the state’s current scrap tire disposal process and received broad bipartisan and stakeholder support. Today, the Texas Commission for Environmental Quality (TCEQ) […]

Case Study: A Texas Scrap Tire Pile

A scrap tire pile brings health risks, fires hazards, and sometimes even feral hogs. An example of the havoc tire fires can cause and what messes they usually make

A Scrap Tire’s Legislative History

Ever wonder about scrap tire’s regulatory history? Here’s a brief rundown. Quick fact: That $2 tire fee implemented way back when is still around, except now it doesn’t go into the state’s pocket, it goes to your local discount tire store. We hope they don’t charge you a lot (because they can), and we hope […]

Scrap Tires and Zika

If you’re unlucky enough to live by a scrap tire pile, you risk of contracting Zika is probably higher than those that don’t. Here’s a brief explanation of the link. Please excuse the strange spacing. We’ve had some difficulties in formatting past blog posts!

Success in San Antonio!

We are happy to report that hard work does, indeed, pay off. After months long effort with state lawmakers, Texas Heritage Protection has succeeded in helping get San Antonio’s most notorious scrap tire pile cleaned up. In June, we took State Rep. John Lujan to San Antonio to see the more than 2 million tires […]

Join us in San Antonio!

Texas Representative John Lujan, R–San Antonio, will be hosting a town hall 7 p.m. Monday, August 15th at Palo Alto College in San Antonio to discuss ways to cleanup the Applewhite Safe Tire Facility. The facility, which contains more than 2.3 million unauthorized scrap tires, is the second largest scrap tire site in Texas. Piles […]

Applewhite, tires, and a problem that needs fixin’

San Antonio’s Applewhite Safe Tire Facility, an unauthorized scrap tire site, currently contains over 2.3 million tires which have become home to swarms of mosquitoes, rodents, and (at times) feral hogs. This site, which is the second largest unauthorized scrap tire pile in Texas, is only a few miles away from a school and residential […]

Conservatism, never a left-only issue

Over the past 50 years, conservationism has warped into being a movement largely associated with Democrats and the far-left. However, some of the greatest and most influential conservationists in American history have been Republicans. Here is a list of some of the men who protected both American liberties and natural resources.   Barry Goldwater Goldwater […]

Helping Your Animals Beat Texas’ Blistering Heat

As parts of Texas face heat advisories, you may want to check how your animals are coping with the heat. Just like people, animals can become dehydrated, exhausted, and even develop heat stroke. The heat can be even more brutal on certain animals. For instance, some horses (mainly in the South) develop a perplexing disease […]