Buying Energy Star Certified Appliances

Texas Heritage Protection, would like to stress the importance of installing Energy Star appliances in your home, and relate the benefits to doing so.
1. Money Saved. Energy Star appliances translates to more energy efficiency. Studies show investing in Energy Star appliances can save you as much as 30% on your utility bill. And with the average homeowner spending approximately $5,500.00 on utility bills a year, saving 30% is a welcomed savings.
– Changing the bulbs in refrigerators from the incandescent to the more energy efficient halogens. That also adds additional savings to your utility bills.
– Don’t forget to add a few little touches to your already more energy efficient appliances by using cold water cycles on the wash machine and such.
2. Quality and Durability is Improved. With investing in Energy Star appliances, the quality of moving parts and components are enhanced and last longer than those in traditionally made appliances. With quality made products means fewer malfunctions, longer life and extended and superior warranties.
– With the best product in manufacturing, you expect nothing less than top performance. With many features including quieter operating noises, while still functioning at the top of their class, you will wonder why you didn’t make the switch sooner.
3. Better Environment. Obviously, saving energy on your power bills, will save the precious natural resources and help cut down on outgoing pollution. The U.S. uses 56% less energy now than it did before the Energy Star technology sprouted. That is the equivalent of 52 quads of energy that has be conserved. With that in mind, that is enough to power 12 states for a full year. These natural resources that fuel the power are being preserved.
– Cutting on the pollutants help the planet tremendously. Power plants not working overtime are not sending out the pollution into the air. Saving the place we all call home is the only way to go.

Energy Star Certified Appliances
Refrigerators and Freezers: Energy Start Certified refrigerators and freezers, are not only designed to save energy, they also continue to give the convenience of flexibility, excellent food preservation while still giving you assortments of styles and colors.
Dishwashers: These handy machines also come in a variety of assortments and are engineered to function at the top of the line using 80% of recyclable materials.
Washing Machine: Rebates are always generous, and with a variety of styles available, they perform at the top of their class in laundering your clothes without heavy deterioration.
Water Heaters: Heat pumps absorb the heat in the ambient air and change it to water. This better engineering is not only more efficient, but very earth friendly.
Air Conditioners: These appliances use superior efficient parts such as; fan motors, heat pumps, and compressors. Reducing energy use and saving on your utility bill.

In a nut shell, switching to Energy Star appliances promotes energy efficiency which saves you money, preserves our natural resources, reduces pollutants and saves our planet. We encourage you to do your part and make adjustments to help ensure this earth lasts for future generations.