Better Solution To Water Bottles

The average person uses over 150 water bottles annually and of those bottles less than 40 of them will be recycled. That means the rest of those plastic bottles end up in a landfill or in the ocean where they become a problem for the wildlife and sea life. Plastic water bottles are a huge concern in the last 10 or 15 years as more and more exposure has been brought to the fore front and more people are concerned with the environment. Plastic bottles can be recycled but most people don’t think twice about grabbing a new plastic water bottle each time they are thirsty and dropping it in the trash can. It has become to easy to use them and not think about what we are really doing to the earth. There has been a big push for people to purchase re-usable bottles that they can refill time after time and eliminate the plastic bottles all together. There are thousands of brands and styles that you can choose from and there seems to be one to fit every lifestyle. Even with all these options on water bottles there seem to be too many plastic bottles purchased and used. But now there is another option! The Ooho water blob is a new way to carry your drinking water.

If you are looking for a new cool alternative to traditional disposable and environmentally safe water containers, the Ooho water blob is for you! The blob is made from seaweed and chlorine that is safe for humans to consume. The blob is prepared like a jelly and the water is usually frozen in the blob while it sets up. Then when it is thawed out, you have a blob of jelly like substance that is filled full or fresh drinking water. When you want to take a drink from your blob poke a hole in the outer membrane and drink away. Not only are water blobs a biodegradable water option but they are fun to use and carry around. The second part that is amazing about this water source is that each blob costs around two cents to make! This sphere has been used in other applications with some liquids like yogurt and are only found in small quantities in some whole food stores.

If you are interested in learning more about this way to carry water around look into Ooho Water Blob with Texas Heritage Protection.