Best Swimming Lakes in Texas

With over 150 lakes in the state of Texas, it is home to some pretty amazing places to fish, swim or do other water activities. Texas has over 360 miles of shoreline and over 6,000 square miles of lakes and streams. Today, we are going to highlight a few favorites when it comes to Texas lakes.

Caddo Lake is located on the Texas/Louisiana border. It just so happens that this lake is the only natural lake in Texas. This is a great place for swimming during the hot Texas summer. It is also a great place for canoeing with its scenic bald Cypress trees and open waterways.

Lake Travis is located in south central Texas just about 20 miles northwest of Austin. Lake Travis is a popular place to hangout. It is ranked one of the cleanest lakes in the country coming in at number six. It is known for its clear waters, and is a popular place to enjoy scuba diving. There are many campsites, bed and breakfast facilities, cabins and condominiums on the lakefront of this lake.

Lake Cypress Springs is located about 100 miles outside of Dallas and spans over 3,460 acres. This is made up of spring-fed water and is known for being crystal clear. It was named Texas’ most beautiful lake in 2005 by D Magazine. This is a great place to fish as well as swim. Largemouth Bass, Bluegill and Catfish are among a few of the frequently caught fish in Lake Cypress Springs.

Lake Sam Rayburn has beautiful shorelines that span over 560 acres. It also has magnificent clear water and is a great place for fishing, swimming and camping. With numerous boat ramps and campgrounds many people enjoy water skiing on this lake’s crystal clear waters. This lake is located 150 miles northeast of Houston and is the largest lake entirely in Texas.

Lake Whitney is located about 30 miles north of Waco. Its limestone bluffs make it a breathtaking lake. This lake’s perfect conditions for boats make it a huge destination for water skiing. Between its scenic bluffs, protected coves and incredibly calm water, Lake Whitney is ideal for boating.

Toledo Bend Lake borders the Sabine National Forest and also acts as a border between Texas and Louisiana. It is incredibly large and covers over 186,000 acres. If half of the lake didn’t belong to Louisiana, it would be the largest lake in Texas. The water has a beautiful copper color to it because of the trees surrounding it. The shoreline hasn’t been overdeveloped, and is therefore home to some amazing scenery.

Possum Kingdom Lake is about 40 miles northwest of Fort Worth and long and narrow. It has a beautiful terrain filled with tall bluffs, rolling hills and many trees. Its shorelines are filled with large homes that add beauty to the area. Hells Gate is a popular cove and great place to anchor a boat and enjoy some swimming. Possum Kingdom Lake is very scenic and because of this, very popular.

As summer quickly approaches, Texas Heritage Protection urges you to take advantage of the beautiful lakes that Texas has to offer. There is so much natural beauty at your fingertips it would be a shame to not take the chance to enjoy it!