Best Stargazing in Texas

Texas offers its residence with a wide variety of nightlife entertainment that includes delicious restaurants, music clubs and shows. While a night out on the town can be fun, exciting and provide a way for you to enjoy the company of friends, going out every weekend can become exhausting and leave you in need of a nice and relaxing time. One of the best ways to take a chill pill and separate you from the busy nightlife is to go stargazing. Stargazing is the perfect way to relax, calm down and observe the vast and endless stars that paint the sky of Texas.

Bright city lights are fun and exciting, but they sure do get in the way of seeing the most beautiful lights we can see; the stars in the sky. In order to truly appreciate just how many stars are really out there, it is necessary to get away from the bright city lights and observe the darkest parks you can find. The darker the setting, the brighter the stars and the better you will appreciate their true beauty. The stars shine brightly over many Texas state parks and create an environment that you and your family can truly appreciate. Texas is home to some wonderful state parks with some of the darkest skies, these include Big Bend Ranch State Park, Balmorhea State Park, Caprock Canyons State Park and Devil’s Sinkhole State Natural Area. Texas is the perfect place to enjoy stargazing at its best.

If you are far from some of the “dark” parks listed above, consider traveling to the nearest Texas State Observatory to enjoy some stargazing. An observatory is a place that is equipped with extremely powerful telescopes used for observing the planets and stars. Observatories often have interesting astronomical information available that may answer some questions you have regarding a specific star or planet. Some observatories in Texas include the McDonald Observatory which is near Davis Mountains State Park, the George Observatory in Brazos Bend State Park and the Pedernales Falls State Park Observatory. Take advantage of the wonderful astronomical resources that are around you and plan a stargazing trip with the family this spring.