Best Paved & Off Road Bike Trails in Texas

The big and beautiful State of Texas has been known to attract many outdoor minded folks. The rich history and inspiration derived from nature can make most appreciate the land they call home. With many activities available throughout the state parks you can find camping, hiking, enjoy walking tours of historical sites or see the unique displays that only Mother Nature can offer. But among the assortment of activities, biking is becoming a trendy alternative to incorporating exercise while appreciating the view.

No matter your skill level, there are countless Texas state parks that offer the biking right for you. There are paved bike roads ideal for family excursions, and for the adventurous sort, comes the hundreds of miles of multiuse and single-track trails. No matter your attraction, you can find what better suits your fancy with the array of state parks to chose from.
What you need:
– Always wear your helmet.
– Consider wearing reflecting clothing and lights to provide motorists with a better view.
– Carry a map.
– Pack extra food and water in case of an emergency situation.
– Have a bike repair kit on you.

Each park has various distances for bike riding trails, but all regulate the rating of the trails for beginners, intermediate and advanced.
Beginner level: All you require is basic bike riding skills. The terrain varies in composition, but you will not be encountering any steep grades, ledges, or ruts. Examples are flat paved roads, or perhaps a flat unpaved jeep trail.
Intermediate level: Off-road riding experience is required, along with some technical skill for the mountain bikers and for road bikers expects paved roads with moderate steep grades. For the mountain bikers, the off-road trails include ruts and small ledges that might call for dismounts.
Difficult level: For the avid mountain biker, expert level skills are required to traverse the hazardous trails. Road bikers will encounter paved roads with very intense steep grades.

Many popular biking trails have a bike mechanic that can fix a lot of minor problems for a small fee, but as previously mentioned, it is always wise to bring a bike repair kit with you and few spare tubes. Some routes can provide some history and beauty to your bike ride, where others are more geared to the extreme mountain biking enthusiast to get the adrenaline pumping.

Some of the more popular trails are listed below.
– Flat Rock Ranch: 20 miles of mountain biking, with trails leading through the average hill terrain, mostly rocks. Climbing the hills is good and the views are often described as having spectacular views. The downhill biking is exuberant and well worth the effort of getting to the top.
– Big Cedar Wilderness Trails: Another 20 mile trek. A waiver is required to ride as most the trail is on church owned property.
– Dana Peak: few miles than many areas, but this area has several trails to choose from along with an option to make nice loop.
No matter your stomping, or cycling grounds, always practice safety, and have fun!