Best Fishing in Texas

If you are interested in a great past time that is enjoyable and fun; and a great way to spend some rest and relaxation, fishing is the past time for you. Fishing has been employed first and foremost as a way to sustain life. People would fish as a way to feed their family and now it is still a way to feed your family but most people much more of a hobby. Fishing can be done in lakes, rivers and even the ocean and there are several types of fishing techniques that can be used. Texas has some great fishing spots with many different types of fish available to be caught in our freshwater basins.

Largemouth Bass: This is a fish that can grow as long as two feet and weigh in at 20 pounds. They are usually olive green and have some green and yellow markings with a dark stripe that goes all the way down the side. They can be lured in and caught using artificial bait but for the best chances, use real live bait such as minnows and earthworms.

Channel Catfish: These fish are active mostly in the evening time although the best time to catch them is in the day time by baiting a hole where they wait. They are identified easily by their long barbs that extend past the mouth. They have a slender body and a smaller head than other catfish. They also come in colors that range from yellows, blues, greens and greys. They can grow quite large and are easier to catch with live bait like worms and shrimp.

Bluegill: This is a fish that lives in rivers and streams and can be found usually hiding near a tree stump or some other structure that is under water. They can grow to be about 4 pounds and reach a foot in length. They are part of the sunshine family. Many times they are as the name suggests; blue in color as well as orange and yellows. These are one of the easiest fish to catch and you can use most any type of bait such as crickets, worms or any fly fishing tackle.

Black Crappie: This is also a fish that is in the sunshine family. They are a big fish but will not reach as big as the largemouth bass. They don’t usually get too big but can reach up to 16 pounds. They have a large round body and are a silver and green color with black markings. These fish prefer to live in warmer water and can be caught most easily with small minnows.