Benefits of Solar & Other Renewable Power Sources

Texas is rich and full of history and natural beauty. With the local wildlife, national and state parks, lakes and reservoirs, farming lands and assortment of woodlands and plains, Texas is truly an exceptional place to live! Preserving the allure and grace Texas has to offer is of deep concern for many locals. In doing so, there are many ways to be proactive in the quest. Recycling, resisting the urge to litter, following protocols in hunting and fishing, are just a few things we can do. Relying on alternative power sources is an exceptional way to contribute as well. Texas Heritage Protection would like to expound on the benefits of utilizing solar and wind to power our homes and businesses.

Solar Power
Texas has the potential to supply the United States with 20% of solar energy. Texas receives an abundant amount of sunshine throughout the year, and can produce more solar energy than any other state! The main goal is to get Texas locals on the renewable energy source bandwagon, and solar energy is a great solution to produce clean energy. Here is how solar energy works; the solar panels are made of photovoltaic cells. They convert the natural sunlight into direct currents of electricity throughout the day. Then the inverter transforms the direct current electricity produced by the solar panels into the alternating current electricity. The alternating current electricity is sent from the inverter to the electrical panel or breaker box to provide your home with solar energy. There is a utility measure that tracks the energy use. The solar power is used as it is produced, so you will still need to utilize you local power company to provide you with power after daylight hours.

The benefits of solar power:
– Solar energy is both sustainable and renewable, you will never run out.
– The most natural source of power.
– Only minimum maintenance is involved. Once the panels have been installed, it collects solar all year round, and little maintenance is needed to keep it all running smoothly and efficiently.
– They produce energy quietly.
– Significantly lowers your artificial energy consumption.
– Reduces your power bill.
– A clean energy source.
Solar energy in Texas can be realized through the locals making the proactive change, there are tax write offs, and there are incentives and rebates available.

Other Sources of Renewable Energy
Wind power, nuclear power and clean coal power are alternate renewable energy sources. Texas leads the nation in wind power. Wind energy is clean and has no fuel costs. Wind, like sunshine, is abundant and natural. Wind power can provide an economical benefit in addition to reduced energy costs and clean energy. Nuclear energy is a sustainable energy source and the only byproduct is hot water emitting. Clean water vapors are released during the process. Fission and fusion are the basics to nuclear power. Clean coal is a notable power source as well. Where most folks think of coal as dirty, and responsible for negative impacts on the environment, developments have been able to turn the coal into a clean energy source.