Benefits of Hunting

There is much to be said about hunting, especially in Texas. We have both seasonal animals and year round game you can hunt. There are amazing benefits to hunting, not only for your health, but the economy and environment as well.
Texas Heritage Protection would like to share those benefits and express their significance.

Hunting Environmental Benefits:
1. The taxes and licensing fees contribute to state funds. These funds are used to pay for research and surveys of the wildlife. Keeping tabs on their numbers and habitats make it easier to perform maintenance and enhancements in the area.
2. Controls the population. Without hunting activities, wildlife will over populate the area and cause these wild animals to spill over into domestic areas. This can cause property damage and other dilemmas including insufficient resources for food and malnutrition as well as possible disease outbreaks.
3. Boost the overall economy. With a sport like hunting, people need the right equipment and supplies. Hunting trips often are incorporated with camping excursions. Some of the general supplies need are the following:
 Firearms
 Ammunition
 Firearm accessories
 Camping gear
 Safety gear
 Licenses
 Travel expenses
All these supplies fuel our economy, helping to maintain jobs and growth. Hunting truly benefits the economy along with the environment. And the benefits don’t stop there, there are also health benefits to hunting.

Health Benefits of Hunting:
1. Nutrition factor. When you indulge in consuming the spoils of a hunting trip, your are generally eating lean proteins. Animals in the wild are eating natural and organic food. Commercially bought meats are typically fed inappropriately and are being given extra hormones and steroids; which is extra additives the human body simply doesn’t need. Wild game is generally eating a healthy diet, including getting the vitamins and minerals needed to thrive. The game meats are also typically low in fat, making them a much healthier choice than fast food for example!
2. Physical health. When you are hunting in the wide open spaces of Texas, you are not only benefiting from a healthy meal, but you are also getting exercise, building endurance and stamina. Hunting is no easy sport, it takes dedication and strength. Physical attributes are pushed and physical demands are stressed. Holding a weapon poised to create the perfect shot takes discipline and patience, often pushing your physical self. Hunting will also give you doses of adrenaline, which has also proven to be healthy for the body.
3. Mental health. Where hunting can push the physical demands, it can and will also exercise the mind. Hunting is a strategic sport, which will help the brain function and expand. Concentration is a must and focus will put a lot of strain on the mental aspect. Problem solving skills are also sharpened and improved.
4. Stress release. Many hunters agree that being out in nature and on a hunt is a perfect stress reliever. Being in fresh air and escaping everyday life is good for the soul.

We at Texas Heritage Protection, would like to stress that hunting has many overall benefits. Even if you are not a hunter, you still gain many benefits from hunting in stimulating the economy and keeping our planet maintained and balanced; which is a much better way to preserve it for future generations.