Amphibians in Texas

The amount of wildlife that is found in the state of Texas is astounding. The diversity of this wildlife makes Texas a great place to explore and a better place to live. If you want to have access to different kinds of wildlife to enjoy, watch and even hunt Texas is the place for you. One kind of wildlife that is abundant in the amount of different species are amphibians like toads and frogs. Throughout the state of Texas you can find up to 42 different species that sing all night long. They each have a different sound but there are a few that are found more often than others and tend to make the most noise.

A woodhouse toad is found in the Northern part of Texas mostly and can be identified by their light colored stripe down the middle of their back. They also have warty skin and can be found most commonly in the spring and summer months. They can reach to about two to five inches as a full grown adult. They prefer to live in a sandy soil and near some water like most amphibians.

A cricket frog is another species that is found in the northern part of Texas most commonly. They are a small species growing to a maximum length of around one inch. They come in several colors and cannot be identified on color alone. They are usually found hanging out near a permanent water source and also breed in the spring and summer months. They have an interesting call that sounds a lot like marbles hitting together.

A spring peeper is a frog that is also small, reaching about two inches fully grown. They have an X mark on their back that make them easy to identify. They are found most commonly in East Texas and breed in the winter months. The spring peeper has a call that sounds a lot like a high pitches whistle.

A green tree frog is very green in color and has a distinct line that runs down their side. They reach about two and a quarter inches in length in areas also found in the East part of Texas. The call sounds a lot like a duck quacking or when a goose honks. They breed and are most active in the Spring and Summer months.

A gulf coast toad can reach up to four inches in length and can be found in the coastal areas as well as the southern parts of Texas most commonly. They have a stripe that runs down their back and some spiky crests atop their head that eases in identifying them. They have a call that is low in tone and sounds very rattily.

Come to Texas and see what wildlife you can check out while you are here!