Alligators in Texas Lakes

There is an abundance of wildlife in the state of Texas and many of them can be seen almost any day of the week and in most seasons. That is one the greatest draws for people to live in or even to visit the state of Texas. Alligators are found abundantly in the state and number around 250,000 throughout the entire state. American alligators are a semi-aquatic species and are found near ponds, rivers, pools and coast lines. They have heavy armored skin and can reach up to 14 feet in length which is an amazing sight to see. They are a great swimmer and will sit and float just at the top of the water with little more than just their eyes and nose showing. They are not a very picky eater and will feed on anything from fish, snakes, lizards, birds, turtles and other small mammals they come across. They attack fast and if you are in their sight it can be difficult to keep your distance should they charge your way.

In the state of Texas, the alligator population is not too large from October until March. During this slow season alligator hunting is allowed in some of the counties in Texas. Some of the counties include Galveston, Jackson, Tyler and many more. For a full list you can visit the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department. The hunting season starts on September 10th and goes to the 30th. Tags are still issued for each alligator that is hunted to be sure that the population is controlled but not taken out. Alligators are a predator and not much comes after them which means that the population can quickly get out of hand without hunting.

The open season for alligators in the state of Texas started in April. The first of April was the kick off for the alligator hunting and this includes all counties in the state. A tag is still needed to hunt for them and there are several laws that help to govern the population. Not only is a tag needed but anyone that is hunting for alligators needs to have a hunting license. If you want to be part of conserving the wildlife in Texas be sure to check out the bag limits and licensing options.

If you want to get ready for the upcoming season to hunt for alligators, come and visit Texas! Texas offers hunting not only for alligators but other wildlife as well. Hunting is a way to control the population of any wildlife and keep the balance in the ecosystem level.