Land Stewardship

It has been shown, throughout history, that the best stewards of the land are the land owners, farmers, and ranchers whose livelihood depends upon protecting the land the produces the food and fiber that feeds and clothes the world. Unfortunately, as our state and nation have become more urbanized, the reverence once held for our land is becoming diminished. 

Keeping Texas clean was once a hallmark of our great state and the focus of massive advertising campaigns warning folks to “Don’t mess with Texas” and encouraging them to “Keep Texas beautiful.”  Today, those campaigns have faded into the recesses of history and our wildflower chocked roadways, our once pristine beaches, and our neatly plowed farms and sprawling ranches are once again becoming speckled with litter cast aside by careless Texans or visitors to our great state who seem to care just a little bit less about keeping Texas clean and for this and future generations.

Texas Heritage Protection has as its mission to change that new mindset and to help our fellow Texans, once again, take pride in what we believe to be the greatest state in the nation and to work to keep it clean and litter free so that we can hand our children and grandchildren that same beautiful and wondrous state that past generations of Texans have handed to us. We believe this to be a most noble endeavor and one that you will be excited to participate in. 

With a little bit of education and a big heaping dose of Texas pride, we can not only keep Texas beautiful, but also make our state a shining example of how positive change can occur when we rural and urban Texans, farmers & ranchers and city dwellers, citizens and lawmakers, all join together in a common goal—to help keep Texas the last best place.