Agriculture: Stewards of a Healthy Planet

The theme of Agricultural Day this year was Agriculture: Stewards of a Healthy Planet. National Agriculture Day gives opportunity to farmers, ranchers, agricultural associations, corporations, universities, and others to recognize and celebrate agriculture in our country. Many people often forget the importance and essential necessity that agriculture provides to each of us and our families. Farmers and ranchers care for livestock and grow crops that provide the planet with fuel, fiber and food. These materials are essential to survival and without agriculture we would be in a world of hurt, so it is important to take the time out and be appreciative of all the hard work and effort that is put into agriculture across our country.

National Agricultural Day is a great time to educate your children on how and where products are grown that benefit our way of living. By educating youth on the importance of agriculture in our country and around the planet, you are encouraging them to take better care of earth and even possibly get them interested in a profession that involves agriculture. People who learn more about agriculture will appreciate the role it plays in providing abundant products and value the role that agriculture plays in helping to create a strong and reliable economy.
Texas is the Nation’s Top Exporting State.

Everyone knows that everything in Texas is bigger, and that is definitely the truth when it comes to Texas Agriculture. Texas agriculture provides food, fiber and fuel to Texans. In addition Texas agriculture provides more than $100 million to the economy every year. Agriculture not only provides food, fuel and fiber to our state, but it also provides jobs for many of our family and friends. Many of us are employed by agriculture related jobs. Texas is one of the most agriculturally diverse states in the country, providing a wide variety of agricultural goods. Farmers, ranchers and others work hard every day to produce the absolute best product possible to keep Texas agriculture thriving and keep Texans happy. Without a successful Texas agricultural work force, we would not be provided with many of the luxuries we often take for granted. Become more involved with Texas agricultural and assist in promoting healthy and local growth of products that we use each and every day.

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